Where To Find Home Improvement Inspiration

When it comes to home improvement, there are lots of places to go to in order to turn your current house into your dream house. The internet offers a one stop shop to at least get started on developing an idea of what you want your final outcome to be. Here are some of the most popular and useful websites for inspiration.

1. Pinterest

The best thing about Pinterest is you can save anything you come across that you like by “pinning” it to your board. This way, you can keep a log of everything you see that you like, and mix and match ideas to fit your needs. You can create different boards to keep everything organized. For example, create a “kitchen” board for only items you would use in the kitchen, a “laundry room” board for your laundry room inspiration, etc. If you are looking for something very specific, like a nautical themed nursery, just type that into the search bar and you will find all kinds of ideas to save for later.

2. Houzz

Houzz.com is a great resource for inspiration for home improvements. Here, you can look through pictures of rooms and decorating ideas to find something you like. You can go room by room and pick out each piece of furniture or decor that inspires you. The best thing about this website, is their advice column, which has a Q&A section, as well as before and after pictures of projects so you can see what other people have done. If you are looking for pros in your area to assist with your home improvement, houzz.com is also able to link you up with designers, contractors, builders, architects, etc. You can also buy products from houzz.com, so it is a one stop shop.

3. BrightNest

BrightNest.com is a great place to keep yourself organized while going through a house renovation. They have an easy to use app, so you can reference the tool at any time. There is advice on how to go green, how to detox your home, and how to generally keep it clean. The main purpose of this website is to help consumers shape up and simplify their homes, while also maintaining them and taking very good care of the home. This website is inspiring when one is looking to keep order in the home, while also renovating or redecorating.

Because of tech advancements, it’s easy for homeowners to find inspirations to make renovations fit their needs. By using of all the tools available, you are able to be creative and see the variety of home ideas available to you.

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