What To Look For In Your Next Toilet

Buying a toilet is a very serious matter that each of us must consider in our lifetimes. You will be sitting on that porcelain throne for years. It has to be just right! Here we have compiled a few of the top characteristics and qualities you should look for when purchasing your next toilet.

What Type of Toilet Are You Looking For?

There are many types of toilets available for purchase on today’s market. You can look for tankless toilets, two-piece toilets, rounded toilets, wall-mounted toilets, short toilets, and colored toilets. The options are simply limitless. In order to choose the toilet that best suits your needs you must consider the overall design of the bathroom you wish to put it in. You may also wish to consider how often you clean your toilet, any family or friends with disabilities, and the budget you have available to spend on a toilet.

Does The Flush Matter to You?

Just as design will vary from toilet to toilet, so does the flush. There are toilets that flush based on a gravity system, toilets that flush with a minimal amount of water to increase efficiency, toilets that flush with a great amount of power, and toilets that even let you choose between a low-water or full-fledged flush. Gravity-fed toilets are generally the cheapest option on the market and the most widely available. These toilets operate well under most normal circumstances. Toilets meant to cut down on water used may back up if not maintained on a regular basis, but save you money and water if kept up. Know what you need your toilet to do before searching. Keep in mind that additional features or specialized programming in toilets tend to cost more than the average gravity-fed toilet.

Think About the Seat!

Toilets are becoming increasingly diverse in the modern day. Today, you may purchase a toilet seat with your toilet or as an additional accessory. If you are looking to buy a toilet with a quality seat consider the following options: traditional, heated seat, bidet-style, slamless, childproof, antimicrobial, and quick release. Those with small children may prefer slamless, childproof, antimicrobial, and quick release as children are curious and often messy. Slamless and childproof seats keep small children, pets, and even adults from harming themselves with a seat that comes crashing down. Antimicrobial and quick release seats are created for easy cleaning. Heated seats and bidet-style seats are often considered luxury. Still, if you simply need a place to sit, the traditional seat is always in favor.

Buying the right toilet can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Hopefully the guidelines listed above will help you to select the toilet that best meets your needs and desires.

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