How To Detect A Pool Leak

Leak detection for your pool is a very important part of taking care of the house. You have a nice pool that should be fun for people to use, but a pool leak could be a costly problem on your property. You can check for leaks pretty easily, and every homeowner with a pool should perform checks on a regular basis. A pool leak is easy to find if you know what you are looking for.

It can be hard to tell from just looking at water levels if a pool is leaking. A pool will naturally lose water when used as well as from evaporation. Soggy ground around the pool and a higher water bill are going to be the first big signs that you may be having a problem with a leak. You may see the water rise in the pool, only to notice a crack on the floor of the pool the next day. Your water bill will go up for no reason; all are signs that something is wrong and its time to take action.

You could have a leak in a pipe that goes to the pool, or you could have a leak in a filter that is not easy to see. You have to keep looking for the leaks by making sure that you have checked everything, and a pool service can check for you every time they come out to clean the pool. You just have to be very diligent about pool maintenance, whether it’s you or a service that is performing the duty.

The best part of this process is that you will be able to get a leak fixed once you know you have one. The leak can be sealed at any time by a professional technician, who has the tools and the proper materials for pool repair. A qualified pool technician should be able to guarantee their repairs for the future, and can inspect the pool on a yearly basis for any possible problems.

Every pool leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible, and you need to make sure that you have taken steps to keep the pool in good condition for the future. A homeowner shouldn’t expect to pay for the repairs now, only to neglect the pool in the future. You should have a service plan for your pool, look out for leaks and get them fixed the moment that you notice something is wrong.

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