How To Clean Your Home After Water Damage

When water gets into unwanted places, it causes a lot of damage. It can cause a lot of harm to all prized possessions found in the house not forgetting the home itself. However, if action is taken quickly, the damage can be minimized to a tremendous extent. The success of the damage being minimized depends on a few factors including how long the water has been around and whether there are electronics and furniture destroyed.

Flooded water need not be treated lightly; it is a perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold is very significant in ruining carpets, walls, furniture and floors. When mold creeps in a room, those living around experience poor quality air that might cause respiratory problems including asthma. In the event that you have suffered water damage, there are a few tips that you can use to minimize the level of damage.

1. Disconnect the power cables, unplug all electronics and move all furniture

The faster the items are moved out of water’s way the higher the chances that they will be saved. It is imperative to switch off the main power supply to minimize chances of the electronics getting faulty. After moving the furniture out, the carpet should be rolled up, cleaned and disinfected.

2. Getting rid of the water

There are different methods to get rid of the water. The water can be pumped out or mopped out by using buckets. It is important to pour the water in a drain to avoid instances where it gets into other people’s property causing problems. In the event that the water will be pumped out, it is important only to use a sump pump. Instances where electricity will be used and especially from the affected area should be entirely avoided. Electricity and water never mix!

3. Drying out the affected area

Once the water is mopped up, the next thing should be drying it out. A dehumidifier can be used to help in the drying. While at it, it is important to open up doors and windows so that fresh air circulation can enter.

4. Disinfecting the dried area

Once the area has been thoroughly drained, the next thing is to disinfect it. Disinfecting gets rid of all bacteria that may come up either through sewers or pipes. Every place and piece of furniture that came into contact with the water should be thoroughly disinfected.

5. Disposing off all damaged items responsibly

Every item should be disposed off properly. If electronics are among the items, they should be well disposed off to avoid instances where they will get into the wrong hands hence posing a threat.

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