Best YouTube Channels For DIY Plumbing

Plumbing problems can be a pain in the you-know-what, but don’t worry. Help is on your nearest YouTube channel! Below is a list of the best do-it-yourself plumbing channels on YouTube today.

Roto RooterTV

Offers 203 DIY comprehensive videos on plumbing. You’ll also find bathroom and kitchen plumbing tips, water restoration, flood prevention, and seasonal plumbing tips and services. There is also a link to the Roto Rooter website in case you feel like it’s a job you can’t handle.


PerSueTheDream offers a video called 50 steps to new plumbing. It’s a helpful and user-friendly video because there is a newbie doing the narration. The narrator walks through a plethora of problems but introduces you to the real world of do-it-yourself.


This Channel has all sorts of plumbing tips on indoor projects to do around the house. Installing valves, caulking, tile backer board installation, etc. You like this channel because the self-help videos are quite thorough and easy to follow.

The HandymanToolbox

“The Handyman Toolbox” is a video channel that has 154 videos for do-it-yourselfers and contractors. This channel also has great videos on weatherproofing. The narrator makes plumbing novice-friendly. When you’re ready to move on from plumbing, he has more novice tips for later projects you might want to do around the house.

The Home Depot

Teaches you the ins and outs of your house’s plumbing systems. It includes the way water flows in and out of your pipes. Through this channel, you can also link to their website for extensive plumbing tips.

Best Plumbing

Best Plumbing offers 42 do it yourself videos on “How-to” plumbing and sewer. They also include videos for home inspections and other areas of your home. The videos are short, but they are very enlightening. This channel offers informative video on copper, radiant heat, and PEX.

Mad Hatter’s Reef

If you’re into aquarium plumbing, the Mad Hatter’s Reef channel may be just the videos you’re looking for. He has videos on his channel for cycling fish tanks, necessary starter kits, silencing your aquarium flow, etc.


Ryco Plumbing’s YouTube channel offers interesting videos for novice plumbers. For example, a video that talks about that mysterious flush sound your toilet makes when nobody’s in the bathroom. It also offers a helpful video on reverse osmosis in your plumbing system and how to take care of it.

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